Stocking your book at Bookmark

Have you written a book and would like us to stock it in Bookmark?

Bookmark has been Spalding’s much loved independent book shop for over 25 years and we pride ourselves in stocking a wide selection of books. We’d love to support independent authors and publishers!

Please read the following carefully before approaching us to stock your book:


Traditionally Published Authors

If your book is being published by mainstream publishers it is likely that we have an account with them and are aware of the marketing and publication plans for your book.


Independently Published / Self Published Authors

Please be aware that we do not stock books published by Amazon.

If you have self- published then you will need to make sure of the following:

  • Your book has an ISBN number / barcode
  • Your book is relevant to our customers and will fit in with our existing stock
  • Your book is visually appealing
  • Your book has been edited to a professional standard

 We source our books primarily directly from the publisher or from Gardeners so we will need to know which distributors stock your books. We will only accept books direct from the author in exceptional circumstances.


Pricing and Format

It is important that your book is priced appropriately.

  • Children's books sell for between £6.99 and £8.99
  • Adult novels sell for up to £10.99
  • Non fiction books sell for up to £12.99
  • We are unlikely to stock books that fall outside this price range
  • We are unlikely to stock self-published hardback books or pamphlet-style books


 How to Get in Touch

Please get in touch either via the contact page of our website or by email at

 Please do not drop into the shop to discuss your book without having been in touch with us first and please do not leave books at the front till.



Sales terms vary across the industry, however a general rule is that the average discount booksellers receive from publishers is around 40% of the RRP. This needs to be taken into consideration when pitching your book. In the UK the supplier will almost always pay postage / carrier charge.

With books that do not sell in a year we reserve the right to remove these form sale and/or return them.

Remember Bookmark is an independent bookshop and cannot offer terms that match the bigger chains, online retailers or supermarkets.


The Pitch

If you’ve read the above and are confident that your book is a good fit for Bookmark, then please send us an email with this information:

  • Brief synopsis of the book
  • A bit about you and anyone else involved with the book
  • Distributor and publisher information
  • RRP and proposed terms
  • Marketing and promotion plans for your book
  • Why you believe your book is a good fit for Bookmark


More Information

May 20, 2024 — Bookmark Spalding