The events are ticketed priced at £10.00 to include a glass of wine or juice.  They start at 7.00 pm and generally last a couple of hours and include a question-and-answer session and signing of the book.  All books can be purchased on the evening.
20 July
Sue Hubbard
Flatlands is her recently published book and she will be talking about it.  Sue is an award-winning poet, novelist and freelance art critic.  She has published three acclaimed novels and numerous collections of poetry, and was commissioned to create London's largest public art poem at Waterloo.  Flatlands is inspired by Paul Gallico's classic wartime novella The Snow Goose.
28 September 
Anne Fletcher
Widows of the Ice - The Women that Scott's Antarctic Expedition Left Behind
Widows of the Ice is not the story of famous women but of forgotten wives, whose love and support helped to shape one of the most iconic moments in British history.  They have drifted to the outer edges of the Antarctic narrative, and bringing them back gives a new perspective to a story we thought we already knew.  It is a story of imperialist dreams, misogyny and classism, but also of enormous courage, high ideal, duty, and above, love.
19th October 
Malcolm Moyes
Reprieved at Lincoln - In the second half of the nineteenth century, three women from very different backgrounds were convicted of infanticide and sentenced to death at the Lincoln Assizes.  Lucy Anne Buxton, Emma Wade and Selina Stanhope.  All three women were eventually reprieved from the hangman's noose by order of the Home Secretary.  Reprieved at Lincoln delves into the sombre stories of these women and the impact of their crimes on their respective communities.
2nd November 
Francis Pryor
A Fenland Garden : Creating a haven for people, plants and wildlife.
The story of how Francis Pryor created a haven for people, plants and wildlife in a remote corner of the fens.  A Fenland Garden is the story of the creation of a garden in a complex and fragile English landscape - the Fens of Southern Lincolnshire.  This is a narrative of the making of a garden, but it is also about reclaiming a patch of ground for nature and wildlife.
I look forward to hearing from you as to whether this will be possible and if so what date it may be published.
June 22, 2023 — Sarah Halgarth