Sally's Pick: Miss Savidge Moves Her House by Christine Adams


The hardback edition of this book, published in 2009 under the title A Lifetime in the Building, saw its extraordinary story featured not only in the Daily Mail but also Hello magazine - and quickly sold out two printings. Now it is re-launched in paperback under a new title to highlight its appeal as the tale of an extraordinary, maverick woman and her even more remarkable achievement. May Savidge lived in a half-timbered house in Hertfordshire.

When the council served her with a compulsory purchase notice to make way for a roundabout, May decided she had to move - but so did the house. So she had the whole thing dismantled and shipped to the North Norfolk coast... and then spent the rest of her life rebuilding it, single-handed.

Her fame spread around the world. Antiques Roadshow broadcast, unprecedentedly, two features about her house. Now her niece, Christine Adams, who inherited May' s house and completed it - at the cost of her own marriage - tells her aunt' s life story from the voluminous diaries and letters she left behind.

Christine Adams now runs a Bed and Breakfast in May Savidge' s old house in Norfolk.