One Size Does Not Fit All


Why do so many of us struggle to live truly happy and fulfilling lives' - despite the abundance of literature that's available?

In One Size Does Not Fit All, Lisa Jansen presents a compelling answer to this question and shares the approach that has helped her dramatically turn her life around to find true love and lasting happiness.

The secret? Stop listening to generic, one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, get to know yourself , figure out what matters most to you and design your personal plan for a happier life.

In this must-read book for anyone seeking deep-down long-lasting happiness, Lisa Jansen takes you on an empowering journey to:

- Learn about yourself and what matters most to you.

- Review happiness research, insights and advice in the context of who you are.

- Develop a personal plan for a happier life, and

- Put your plan into action.